@Civolution - 8 hours ago Welcome to Ellen Sync!: You can now sync your Ellen app with the Ellen Show in real-time! If you love Ellen, y... http://t.co/yDCm7D8bfR

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SyncNowCivolution’s state-of-the-art content identification platform allows broadcasters, content producers and interactive application providers to offer time-synchronized-to media applications such as ad-(re)placement, live voting and content-related overlays. Based on Civolution’s powerful watermarking and fingerprinting technologies, it allows for accurate and rapid synchronization of interactive content.


Welcome to Ellen Sync!

If you love Ellen, you will love the brand new app. It is loaded with everything you love about her show. Plus, open the app while you’re watching “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” for a fully synchronized experience with live behind-the-scenes footage, fun facts, closer looks and so much more! Find out more or download the […]

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