@Civolution - 1 hour ago @CasparSch of @Xaxistweets and @ADTerpstra of @Civolution on stage at iMedia at 2:05pm talking power of TV Synced Ads http://t.co/QDi8D2TXmf

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SyncNowCivolution’s state-of-the-art content identification platform allows broadcasters, content producers and interactive application providers to offer time-synchronized-to media applications such as ad-(re)placement, live voting and content-related overlays. Based on Civolution’s powerful watermarking and fingerprinting technologies, it allows for accurate and rapid synchronization of interactive content.


In partnership with Civolution, Xaxis Links Broadcast Television and Mobile Device Advertising with Launch of Xaxis Sync

Xaxis, the world’s largest programmatic media and technology platform, announced today the launch of a real-time, multi-screen advertising technology called Xaxis Sync, which has been developed in partnership with Civolution. See here for the news. See also this video which explains how Xaxis helped its client Activision re-engage with its lost TV GRP simultaneously on […]

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