NexGuard by Civolution : Video

The protection of content, and the ability to track it and its origins, is critical. The potential revenues expected from expanding video distribution channels are enormous… if it can be protected. To nip piracy in the bud, you have to identify its first seed.

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Protecting Premium Content : White Paper

This paper looks at the challenges presented in protecting premium content from piracy as high speed internet becomes ubiquitous.

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Equipment and Software


Local Manager – The operator appliance for watermarking.

Global Manager – A data aggregation server designed to unify watermarking data across multiple local managers.

Live Embedder – A video watermarking appliance for tape-based workflows, supporting either SD/HD-SDI input/output or SD/HD and 4:4:4 dual-link SDI input/output.

Transcoder Plug-Ins – Available for the following products:
- AmberFin, a Dalet company – iCR
- Apple – FCP Compressor for ProRes format
- Elemental Technologies – Elemental Server, Elemental Live
- Harmonic/Rhozet – ProMedia Carbon, WFS
- Imagine Communications/Digital Rapids – SelenioFlex/StreamZ
- Rohde&Schwarz DVS – Clipster
- Telestream – Vantage Transcode Pro
- Wohler/RadiantGrid – Grid Transcoding

File Embedder – An audio and video watermarking appliance designed for file-based workflows. The following video formats are supported:
• G1 video watermarking technology (short-form and DVD content)
- MPEG-2 SD long-GOP encapsulated in ES, TS or PS
- MPEG-2 SD Intra encapsulated in MXF
- Windows Media Video SD
- DV SD encapsulated in AVI or MOV

• G2 watermarking technology (long-form content)
- XD-CAM (MPEG-2 HD long-GOP in MXF)
- MPEG-2 SD encapsulated in TS
- DPX HD uncompressed 10-bit video (RGB linear and log)
- ProRes 10-bit SD/HD in 4:2:2 HQ, 4:2:2, 4:2:2 LT and 4:2:2 Proxy
- DV25 SD in raw data

• Audio watermarking technology
- XD-CAM (MPEG-2 HD long-GOP in MXF)
- WAV (via SDK)

Digital Cinema

Below is a list of current D-Cinema and E-Cinema manufacturers who have completed development and testing and are licensed by Civolution to provide NexGuard – Digital Cinema video watermarking:

(Please check directly with the company for complete product details)

Licensed cinema servers:

• Christie Digital Systems

• Dolby Digital Cinema (Dolby Laboratories)

• Doremi Cinema (Doremi Labs)

• GDC Technology (Global Digital Creations)

• MikroM GmbH

• Qube Cinema (Real Image)


• Digicine ORISTAR Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

• Sony's Digital Cinema Solutions (Sony Electronics)

• Ultra Stereo Labs, Inc (USL)


• Preprocessor – The head-end software, installed on the encoder to prepare content for watermarking.

• Embedder – The library or the IP core, integrated in the receiving device to watermark the content uniquely.

• Detection service – The Civolution service that processes content to retrieve watermarks.


• Preprocessor – The head-end software, installed on the ABR encoder to prepare content for watermarking.

• SmartEmbedder – The delivery network software, which individualizes each Live or VoD streaming session.

• Detection service – The Civolution service that processes infringing content to retrieve embedded watermarks.

NexGuard Streaming technology is currently integrated in ABR encoders and streaming management solutions from:
- Arris/SeaWell – Spectrum SDC and MDC
- DivX – TotalCode, OmniView
- Envivio – Muse, Halo
- Imagine Communications/Digital Rapids –SelenioFlex Zenium/Kayak
- Thomson Video Networks – ViBE VS7000