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Empowering cross-device marketing on a global scale

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The tectonic shift of TV and digital – are we finally ready for the big collision? : Video

TV has been the advertiser’s preferred medium for decades, mainly due to its ability to reach large audiences. The rise of the web has challenged this position by restructuring the advertising landscape through the two-way nature of this network, and the potential for programmatic advertising, enabling brands and agencies to target, engage and act on audience interactions.

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Equipment and Software

TV Synchronized Ads

Real-time ad recognition and triggering

Our platform automatically identifies commercials on TV in real time and at scale.
We use our global TV monitoring network to actually scan the broadcast video for advertisements as they air on TV (2).
Teletrax operates a sophisticated ad harvesting process to keep the TV advertisement database up-to-date at all times (1).

Upon identification of the ad the system sends a trigger to the agencies’ bidding and ad placement platforms (3). These platforms then bid in real time for inventory on social, mobile and online.

Within seconds of an ad airing on TV a TV-synced ad appears on the consumer digital screen (social, mobile, online). No need for a special app, no need to push buttons.

Empowering cross-device marketing globally

Amplify your message, improve brand exposure, and ultimately increase ROI on advertising spends.

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TV-Synced Ads

For TV-synced Ads, On device sync and TV ad analytics.
Creating deep experiences for engaged audiences and improve your performance with real-time global data.

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TV-Synced Ads – terms of use

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Watermarking and Fingerprinting for TV Analytics

Technical Specifications

Teletrax for television monitoring provides multiple technologies for watermarking and/or generating reference fingerprints for use with client material. All of the technologies work with HD or SD content. Some are optimized for use with live or taped content while others are best used with file-based material.

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