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More than two thirds of Europeans download or stream for free



$10,000 the (ridiculously low) amount in cash taken by S.D. Nozette to provide secret and top secret info that related to US national defense.


'Wikileaks' became the top search term on Google Insights on the morning of April 12, 2010 after releasing Baghdad airstrike video

Defense and Security

Retroactive leak attribution and proactive deterrent to unauthorized disclosures

Defense, intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies acquire, exploit and disseminate multimedia content which is sensitive for confidentiality or privacy reasons. Such content needs to be protected from unauthorized disclosure, both when accessed internally as well as upon dissemination to third party agencies.


Tackle the risks of unauthorized disclosures by taking measures to deter and prevent it. In doing so, curb the immeasurable implications resulting from the release of interview recordings, surveillance video, multimedia evidences or other sensitive content.

NexGuard provides a powerful deterrent against unauthorized disclosure. With the use of digital watermarks, NexGuard can trace illicitly released materials to the original source, whether it is leaked through file transfer or online streaming.

These media protection solutions supplement encryption and content access control schemes, allowing cyber security teams to secure multimedia content beyond decryption.

Ultimately, the watermark detection from an illicit copy facilitates and accelerates the incident investigation.

Features and Benefits

  • Deterrent against unauthorized disclosure
  • Traceability of individual content copies
  • Imperceptible digital watermark in either the audio content, video content, or both in order to organize serial numbering of product copies
  • Scalable turnkey solutions for digital workflows
  • Integrated into third party products for format conversion and file delivery, including Elemental Technologies, Harmonic (formerly Rhozet), IBM’s Aspera, Imagine Communications (formerly Digital Rapids), Telestream
  • Watermark detection from illicit copies even in the case of video file format change and cut of excerpts
  • Leak attribution
  • Fast and efficient leak investigation

PR-Public Relations

Global, accurate and real-time broadcast intelligence

Government related organizations create content for television channels and news agencies which needs to be monitored to understand how this video material is being used. Which broadcasters? Which sequences? How often? When?


Public Relations teams and government news organizations need accurate information to make rapid editorial and investment decisions based on real and comprehensive broadcast intelligence.

Teletrax TV analytics service provides government clients with instant feedback regarding their television news campaigns on a global scale, enabling full asset management and inventory control of news content. Teletrax gives an instant global dashboard for your news campaign and public service announcements.

This media intelligence service offers real-time online reports to public relations and communication teams.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatically track which news stories are being aired and by whom
  • Get real-time data on where your television campaign is landing
  • Know what specific portion of each news segment was aired
  • Determine promotional value of programming used by broadcasters
  • Adjust editorial output based on usage
  • Identify global broadcast trends, and capitalize on them

Education & Training

More engaging and richer interactive content for video education and training courses

Getting the attention of trainees has become difficult with the multitude of screens that are part of our daily lives. To make your educational or training programs effective, you must find innovative ways to grab the attention of people with supplementary information made available on their own device.


Teletrax automated content recognition solutions allow education teams to design rich interactive applications. Companion apps for tablets can verify that a given training session is actually attended, and allow for the testing of material after each session to perform skills assessment. Several people can watch the primary video in the same room, while each is tested individually on a tablet during or following the presentation.

Features and Benefits

  • Automated video content recognition and synchronization based on its audio track
  • Enables automatic check-in for users attending a given training course on video
  • Interactive application on companion device becomes content-aware and can display synchronized information and quizzes
  • Get extra value for your existing educational video
  • Leverage use of trainee-owned devices such as tablets and smartphones
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