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Sports events comprise between 2 and 3 percent of TV programming in any given month, but generate close to 50% of the Twitter activity.

Sport Media


Percentage of sports fans who will check sport social media sites while watching the game on TV



Global Sports Rights will hit $16bn in 2014

News Agencies

Monetize your news content as fast as news spreads

The video content you produce informs the world of breaking news around the globe. In order to get proper credit for use of owned news footage, having immediate information is critical to effective monetization.


Teletrax is the only global TV analytics solution that can provide hard data on how news footage is being adapted across global television markets. With instant information in simple dashboards, Teletrax unlocks the ability to provide affidavits to media outlets with precise, independent confirmation that networks have used your content.

Features and Benefits

  • Understand the popularity of different news topics by using real-time broadcast data
  • Monetize owned content faster with exact confirmation of how much footage was used and by which networks
  • Improve operational efficiency by integrating detected content with your distribution and accounting teams

Sports Leagues and Teams

Getting the most revenue for your content can be an exact science

As a Sport League or a Team, your images are precious assets, which are at their top value during the game. These videos can be efficiently protected with forensic watermarking to remove pirate’s impunity and stop illegal on-line sharing which are harming your revenues.


High-speed internet changed the rules of piracy. Pirates can distribute high quality content with millions of users instantaneously, giving birth to a fast growing and borderless illegal re-streaming economy. Combined with internet monitoring, NexGuard forensic watermarking is addressing this new security breach and protects the PayTV industry.

NexGuard – PayTV embeds an imperceptible and non-removable unique identifier in the video signal received by set-top boxes during live broadcast or in the streams delivered via broadband. Legitimate use of the content is not limited, but consumers who abuse content by illegal distribution can be tracked and traced, while the game is still playing or even after the game.

Features and Benefits

  • Imperceptible video watermark uniquely identifying the content decoded by each set-top box receiver, or the stream delivered to a device, providing a powerful deterrence against piracy.
  • Robust watermark, detectable after camcorder capture and severe quality degradation (re-compression, …).
  • Protecting SD, HD, analog and digital outputs.
  • Compatible with encryption and other content protection technologies.
  • Blind and fully automated watermark detection.

It can be difficult to obtain complete data regarding the reach of event (re)broadcasts. Discover the true value games provide.


Sponsoring Brands

Teletrax automates the process of measuring television exposure of a sponsored event for original broadcasts, replaying sports highlights or news programs on a global scale. Live dashboards and daily alerts allow you to know precisely how much value your sponsorship provided to your brand.

Features and Benefits

  • Find additional reach and value of sponsorships to improve ROI valuations
  • Get information every day without having to wait for a consultant’s report
  • Find local and international reach of sponsorships
  • Get automated data without relying on manual methods prone to human error


Sports League and Teams

The evaluation of what sponsors get out of spending money on your events may be incomplete. With Teletrax, sports teams and leagues can uncover additional benefits to their sponsoring brands that may have gone undetected.

To provide a better valuation of events, Teletrax can provide a comprehensive picture of all broadcasts and rebroadcasts where games, matches, and tournaments have aired worldwide. By recognizing this extra exposure, television broadcasts can be more efficiently monetized.

Features and Benefits

  • Find additional reach and value of events to get improved monetization
  • Get information every day without having to wait for a consultant’s report
  • Find local and international reach of sponsorships
  • Get automated data without relying on manual methods prone to human error

Drive deeper connections with fans and maximize ad revenues.


ACR allows for creating powerful applications to engage with sport goers that will create amazing incentives to watch content and measure the stickiness as well as driving more recall rate to sponsors via sync’ed interactive content, product placement, merchandizing and relevant m-commerce applications during team events and even after in replay.

Second Screen applications enrich the content experience and improve the viewer engagement by introducing social and personal dimensions into audio-visual content. The technology provides essential features that dramatically increase the value of Second Screen applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Passive technology allowing for automatic and transparent content recognition and time-sync
  • Universal technology relying on the audio of the content : independent from the content format/distribution/does not require to point the device to the main screen
  • Very fast time to detection including in noisy environments
  • Support for live produced content
  • Powerful and easy to implement detection API
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