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SocialTV / Second Screen

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Percentage of TV-related Facebook interactions that occur while the show being discussed is on air



Smartphone and tablet owners use their devices to engage in TV-related activities

TV Tweets


How many Twitter users tweet about TV.

Social TV

Watch with friends, share with friends

Amplify the effectiveness of the ads shown on your Social TV platform by syncing them to TV commercials, in real time and at scale.


The platform automatically identifies commercials on TV. In real time and at scale. We use our global TV monitoring network to actually scan the broadcast video for advertisements as they air on TV. After we identify a TV ad we send a trigger to the advertising agency’s bidding and ad placement platforms. These platforms then bid in real time for inventory on social, mobile and online.

Our platform bridges the gap between TV and Digital. We create a relationship between TV and Digital that has never existed before. It provides brands with an opportunity to re-engage with their audience and amplify the brand message.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated with leading Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PDM) platforms
  • Truly real time identification
  • TV monitoring network with global footprint
  • The world largest independent advertisement database
  • Rich Metadata and reporting

Second Screen

Accurately synchronize tablets and smartphones with the TV screen, open new user experiences and new revenue streams

Enable TV synced interactions on the Second Screen to dramatically amplify the performance of your content. Increase revenues from your content with powerful first and second screens interactions.


Second Screen applications enrich the content experience and improve viewer engagement by introducing social and personal dimensions into audio-visual content. Our technology provides essential features that dramatically increase the value of Second Screen applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Passive technology allowing for automatic and transparent content recognition and time-sync
  • Universal technology relying on the audio of the content : independent from the content format/distribution / does not require to point the device to the main screen
  • Very fast time to detection, even in noisy environments
  • Support for live produced content
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